Terms and Conditions

Subsequent Monthly Fee

  1. Fees should be made payable via PayNow or NETS (at our centre)
  2. Fees are to be paid by the 1st of the upcoming month. For instance, if you are paying for May 2023 fees, please pay by 1st May 2023.
  3. Fees are charged on a recurring monthly basis. There are 12 lessons in each Term which will average 4 lessons for each month in the Term.
  4. A $15 administrative fee will be charged for overdue fees after the 7th of each month. An additional $15 administrative fee will be charged for overdue fees after the 14th of each month.
  5. A failure to make full fee payment by the end of the unpaid month will result in a suspension of your class. Suspension means that your slot will be made available for other students to book or swap permanently. Your class will be subsequently terminated if payment is not received by 14th of the following month.
  6. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable (with the exception for siblings or immediate family members).
  7. The respective monthly fee of the level will be used for calculation in regards to any level change, duration change, or peak timing changes. Students are encouraged to only change at the end of term to avoid fee discrepancies. MDS will not be liable for excess fees and fee differences cannot be refunded or carried over to next month. All changes are subjected to availability on both sides.

Postponing Regular Lessons (Policy)

  1. 24-hour Window Requirement is required for postponement of your lesson. Otherwise, it shall be considered absent.
  2. In event of medical emergency, a photo of the M.C must be sent to our WhatsApp Hotline. Affected classes can then be postponed and lesson credits will be returned to the student. This is the only exception to the 24-hour Window requirement.
  3. Use the MDS Room App to effectively postpone lessons postpone lessons. Upon successful postponement, you will be given Lesson Credits.
  4. Students will only be allowed to store a maximum of 4 unbooked lessons (Lesson Credits). Upon reaching this capacity threshold, students will be unable to postpone any more lessons until this number is reduced.
  5. At the start of each new term, the system will capture a snapshot of any excess Lesson Credits (credits above threshold). These excess Lesson Credits will expire 90 days from the snapshot if not utilised by then. Students must book and attend these same amount of Lesson Credits, before the expiry date, in order to prevent them from expiring. More instructions can be found in the MDS Room App.
  6. All remaining Lesson Credits will be forfeited if not utilized by the last day of the final month of lessons upon termination.
  7. Students with circumstantial reasons like hospitalization, bereavement, reservists, or major examinations, may request for a break of a maximum of two weeks and have their fees pro-rated on a case-by-case basis. Documentation is required for such.

Booking Make-up Lessons

  1. MDS Students can book their make-up classes using existing Lesson Credits.
  2. Use the MDS Room App or WhatsApp 8799 9779 to book lessons. Upon successful booking, you can view your booked lessons in MDS Room App under Upcoming Lessons.
  3. You can book your own Educator and you have the option of booking another Educator from the Centre.
  4. 2-hour lead time of slots will be made available for students to make bookings.
  5. Students will be allowed to book 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes per booking slot.
  6. Students will only be able to view the next available 31 days in the MDS Room App.
  7. Your booked educator’s profile and contact will be available in MDS Room App.


  1. Termination should be done with a 30-day advance notice. There will be no refund for lessons unattended should the student decide to stop before the month or term ends. Any outstanding fee differences will be forfeited accordingly in such a situation.
  2. Students who wish to terminate their regular lessons must submit their notice of termination online via the Online Termination Form (OTF) at https://terminate.mds.sg/. The link can also be accessed via MDS Room.
  3. For eligibility of a student deposit refund, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
    1. The last month of full fee payment and any outstanding payments must be made.
    2. We must receive the Online Termination Form before the start of the final month of lessons. For example, if the final month of lessons is February, the OTF must be submitted by 31 January
  4. If eligible, student deposit will be refunded to the specified contact number in OTF via PayNow within 30 working days after the student’s last date of drum lesson. For those without PayNow, please indicate bank details during the submission of OTF.
  5. Students will no longer have access to MDS Room after the date of the last lesson.
  6. MDS has the right to terminate the enrolment of a student in an event that the student is un-contactable (through calls, sms, whatsapp) for 2 consecutive weeks.

MDS Make-up Days and Public Holidays

  1. The MDS calendar can be found in MDS Room App or at https://fees.mds.sg.
  2. On Public Holidays or our MDS Makeup Days, students are not charged nor assigned a regular lesson. Lesson Credits are used to book makeup lessons on these days.
  3. As fees are charged based on 12 lessons in a Term, these holidays are not included in part of the fee payment. Therefore, there will be no provision of lesson credits.
  4. For reminders, join us on our public Telegram channel @mydrumschool.
  5. The MDS Room App also sends push notification reminders before the holiday.

Other Terms

  1. Lesson fees will be subjected to change based on the level, course and timeslot that you are attending lessons at MDS.
  2. For regular students wanting to change permanent slots, they will have to contact WhatsApp 8799 9779 and follow the change slot procedures.
  3. MDS reserves the right to change course schedules, modify course fees, change drum educators and reject students within reasonable reasons.