Preschool (5-6)

Developing good foundations at an early stage is crucial. The child will be introduced to music and drums while promoting their body awareness.


Our quality Preschool programme provides children with opportunities to build self-confidence, coordination techniques, learn critical thing skills and develop learning dispositions. These build a strong foundation for children’s future music journey.

MDS seeks to raise the early awareness to rhythms and beats through our engaging preschool drum curriculum. Through time, the child develops coordination and timing through a series of interactive exercises that will keep him or her involved and actively participating by playing along with the lesson.

At the end of the Preschool programme, our students will receive an evaluation from our drum educator on his/her development, and graduate to the Junior Programme.

Preschool Programme

Counting & Sticking

Building confidence and developing motor skills, the child will be introduced to music and drums by learning:

Counting Exercises to introduce rhythm

Understanding Rhythm & Beat

Keeping Time & Groove by playing fluently

Clapping & Tapping to various songs and music

Single Beat Combinations

Crochets, Quavers and the necessary Rests

Snare Drum Variations

Pop & Rock Patterns

Music & Mathematics

Movement & Control Studies

Basic Chart-Readings

Preschool Showcase 1


My Drum School boasts a talented 6-year-old student named Jaylen Yoh, who has been mastering the art of drumming for roughly a year.

Back in 2012, he dazzled us with his exceptional skills in a rendition of the popular hit song, “Gangnam Style.”

Song: Gangnam StyleArtist: Psy