Part-Time Drum Educators


My Drum School is currently searching for passionate drummers who are interested in teaching to join our faculty on a part-time basis. We provide flexible schedules, thorough lesson plans, innovative programs, and various benefits to guarantee that our part-time drum educators have not only excellent employment but also memorable experiences. Aside from teaching, we regularly hold virtual and jam sessions where we collaborate and exchange ideas through brainstorming, composing new materials, and trading solos. We strive hard and play even harder together.

A Drum Educator we’ll love:

Engages and equips drum students with the desire to see them succeed.
Views drum education as a platform to inspire and educate the next generation of drummers.
Is a fast and consistent learner, willing to master the comprehensive curriculum and lesson structures.
Proficient in drum notations, charts, sheet music, sight-reading, and transcription.
A team player who works well with colleagues.
Builds confidence in students and parents by providing effective and honest communication.
Contributes and participates in staff bi-monthly meetings and online drumming community.
Advances and maintains professional development as a drummer.
Leads by example and passionate about the My Drum School brand.
Takes pride in sustaining My Drum School’s leadership position as the No.1 drum school in Singapore.

A position you’ll love:

Part-time career that feels like play, where you pass on your knowledge and inspire the next generation of drummers
Love teaching and energized by interacting with people
Embrace MDS curriculum, transforming your own drumming skills
Enjoy keeping up with modern techniques and methods, and sharing that knowledge
Appreciate that learning never stops, you’ll learn as much as you teach
Love drumming and get well-compensated for teaching it to others.

Part-Time Requirements you’ll need:

Proficiency in pop, rock, blues, funk, and R&B rhythms.
Ability to read and write simple drum notations, including 8th Beats, 16th Beats, and Triplets.
Minimum of 2 years of private drum lessons and 3 years of drumming experience.
A minimum of Grade 5 in Rockschool Examinations or equivalent (audition required for those without drum certification).
Availability for a block of at least 3 hours from 7pm-10pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends.
Minimum commitment of 12 months to teach upon confirmation.
Experience in drumming for church worship is an added advantage for applicants, as many MDS students play in a church setting.