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Educators’ Day 2013

Every year, we do a video. This year we get some opinions from the kids at My Drum School. Special thanks to the 9 kids in the video that participated. Once again, it is heart-warming to hear from all of them.

We have so much to learn from these kids and their ever-faithful supporting parents at MDS. Thank you.
This video is dedicated to:
James Pang (Founder)

Jenny Chui (Lavender) & Siobhan Tam (Ang Mo Kio)

Rudy Indrali (Lavender) & Trevor Koh (Ang Mo Kio)

Senior Educators
Jiaxing, Ephraim, Kristen, Christal, Shannon, Jason

James Goh, Jixian, Jing Siang, Kenneth, Benedict, Daryl, Joel, Xin Yong, Jit Rui, Timothy Chew, William (incoming), Min Qin (incoming)