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ANZCA Grade 5 Rudiments

Here are another 14 rudiments performed at two speeds: slow and performance.

0:16 Single-stroke four;

0:25 single-stroke seven;

0:41 multiple-bounce roll;

0:49 triplet-stroke roll;

1:02 six-stroke roll;

1:13 seventeen-stroke roll;

1:36 triple paradiddle;

1:52 single paradiddle-diddle;

2:05 single flammed mill;

2:18 pataflafla;

2:31 swiss-army triplet;

2:45 inverted flam tap;

2:57 flam drag;

3:11 single dragadiddle


Under the Grade 5 examination requirements, • The examiner will choose a selection of these rudiments. • The candidate has to play them by MEMORY. • Right or left hand start, as requested by the examiner. • No set tempo. Aim for a confident, fluent and controlled speed for each rudiment