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ANZCA Exam Review 2015

Here are 3 working adults with different walks of life sharing their experience with the recent July 2015 ANZCA drum exams. One of them set a record of 100 marks! This is the first time in 8 years we had a student with full marks.

Students and Educators at My Drum School just completed their Drums Exams with ANZCA in July 2015. Well done everyone! Here are the results:

58 First Class Honors (95-100)
63 Honors (85-94)
10 Credit (75-84)
2 Pass (60-74)

With a Best Average of 91.8% out of 133 candidates.

Congratulations to the top 2 of each grade:
Grade 8 – Goh Min Qin, Joel Seah, Radha Govinda Tan.
Grade 7 – Reuben Liang
Grade 6 – James Andrew Jr. Gunawan, Ong Guo Ping, Chung Wei Sheng Isaac.
Grade 5 – Yang Kaiquan & Tee Yi Hui
Grade 4 – Manfred Samuel Kwek & Jared Khoo
Grade 3 – Muhammad Alif, Jaylen Yoh, Tan Cheow Cheow, Chelsea Xie Qi, Zenn Ng Shiau Chin.
Grade 2 – Chia Hui Min & Sarah Hoe
Grade 1 – Rahul Barve, Danial Wan, Gavin Tan Jing Yuan
Prelim – Tan Qian Peng & Douglas Isaac Ng

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