SPD Charity Show 2017

Anastasia Mary Veronica, a student from My Drum School, performed at the SPD Charity Show 2017.

Themed “Where Dreams Inspire” , the show featured clients who seek to inspire all with their stories of struggles, triumphs and the motivation that keeps them striving for their dreams.

The purpose of the show is to raise funds for our programmes and services, as well as to increase awareness of SPD. Through the show, we aim to highlight the abilities of people with physical disabilities, and to correct the mindset that disabled persons cannot contribute to the community.


“After performing for SPD to raise funds and to create awareness, I am very humbled to know of the positive reaction from the public. The amount that SPD has raised from the concert makes me happy knowing that there are people who are willing and able to help .During my rehearsals for the concert, I met many different clients of SPD, each of them with varying needs. I am encouraged by what SPD is doing to help them, and their determination to never give up.

This entire journey has made me feel very blessed to have my family supporting me.I feel very fulfilled having contributed a small part to making someone’s life better.”

~ Anastasia Mary Veronica