Setting Goals for practise

It’s been a long time since we have blogged. So here’s an entry about setting goals for your drum practice.

It is important to understand that every drummer that you see out there had struggles during practice time. What we see is the outcome of their hard practice in the studios when no one is looking. Often, we feel that it is unattainable and we brush the idea of practice away. The bad news is, it does take a tremendous amount of time and energy to reach a certain level. The good news is that you can actually reach that level in this lifetime.

The first thing to decide before you starting whacking the drums away is to plan.

Plan what you want to achieve in your practice.
How much time do you have? Which rudiments to warmup with? What tempo to practice at? Which concepts to work on.

Planning is the key to a focus outcome. Grab a notepad and write down your plans and your progress. The more diligent you are in planning, the more you will achieve. It is as easy as that. Once you do this 1 step, you will be amazed how the other 99 steps will come out =)