Guo Ping’s Career Milestone Trip

Guo Ping, our Quality Assurance Specialist at My Drum School, attended Mike Johnston’s Drum Camp in September 2019. It was Guo Ping’s first time to USA and attending a drum camp.


Listen to his vlog as he captures his Career Milestone Trip during the 5-Day Camp. Mike is one of the pioneering drum educators who successfully created a career based on remote online education, starting from his youtube channel to his website, He runs 10 drum camps a year as well as various clinics across the world – and will be visiting My Drum School in Singapore very soon this November! Follow us on Facebook to get updated on details 🙂

== Career Milestone Trip ==

Dedication should never go poorly rewarded—that is why My Drum School has come up with the Career Milestone Trip program to duly reward its employees on top of their salaries and bonuses. After working at MDS for four years, full-time employees are granted a trip (paid!) to anywhere in the world. A sum will be set aside for each employee and this amount will be used for an overseas travel to a location of choice with all accommodation, meals, and daily expenses fully paid. Any excess or extension of stay will be borne by the employee. This trip will also require a mandatory short course of choice that is related to our scope of work. It can be a form of drum camp, private workshops, summer program, trade show, or conference.