Gladiolus Place

My Drum School partnered with Gladiolus Place, a non-profit Christian healing home, to provide four 2-hr sessions of drumming to 12 teenage girls. Drum Educator Sydni volunteered and conducted lessons at their location.

Through these 8 hours, we wanted to provide an opportunity for the girls to learn drums. Part of the home’s mission is instill positive learning attitude in the girls through learning an instrument (perseverance, discipline). And for those who are more musically inclined to discover their talents and be able to perform in the future.

Sydni’s personal thoughts: “The students I’ve been teaching are of higher SES who are able to afford drum lessons but there are also others who are not so fortunate to attend private music lessons. I’ve also seen the benefits of learning a musical instrument through a child’s developing years. So it got me thinking if there is anything we can do for the less fortunate and when my friend approached me to teach drums at GP, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to volunteer my time. And I am also thankful to MDS for the resources they provided.”