School Location

Jalan Besar (DT22)

  1. If you are alighting at Jalan Besar Station (DT22) , find the Exit A (Weld Road) and take the escalator up.
  2. Upon reaching the top, exit to the LEFT side.
    Make a left turn after going down the flight of steps.
  3. Walk along the side pavement (along Weld Road). You will a taxi stand, keep walking until you see “Sungei Road” on the opposite left side of the road.
  4. Cross the road (diagonally) , and walk towards the pavement of Sungei Road. Please be careful when crossing the road.
  5. Walk along the pavement of Rochor River. As the river is on your right, you should be approaching the HDB block of flats.
  6. You will walk pass Blocks 30, 29, 28 (on your left) . Keep walking towards the fitness corner and green cage.
  7. Upon reaching the green cage, take the path to the RIGHT. You should be able to spot our unit behind the cage.
  8. Our Unit is at #01-148 of Block 25. Welcome to My Drum School.

Lavender (EW11)

  1. If you are alighting at Lavender Station (EW11) Turn LEFT to EXIT B (Lavender Street) and take the escalator up.
  2. Upon reaching the top, exit to the LEFT side. Walk along the pathway next to the road (AGAINST THE TRAFFIC).
  3. Walk pass the bus stop and head towards the flyover. You will pass Lavender Gardens on your right side.
  4. Walk across the flyover and keep walking straight till the traffic light. You will see a mosque there.
  5. At the traffic junction make a right turn. Upon reaching the junction, turn right and walk to the next junction. You’ll see Song Lin Building (diagonally left)
  6. Cross the junction and walk towards the tip of Song Lin Building. We are NOT located at Song Lin Building. Walk along the pathway to the side of the building.
  7. My Drum School (Lavender) is located just behind Song Lin Building. Our unit is #01-148 and it is the first corner unit of the commercial HDB block.