School Location

Location Map
  1. If you are travelling by the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), alight at BUONA VISTA Station (CC22/EW21). From the Green Line Exit, go down the escalator to find a directional guide towards “The Rochester Mall”. 
    photo-3-10-16-13-36-37  photo-3-10-16-13-37-37  photo-3-10-16-13-38-00
  2. You should exit towards “North Buona Vista Rd”. Walk further towards a long sheltered walkway. (AGAINST THE TRAFFIC).
    photo-3-10-16-13-38-20   photo-3-10-16-13-39-23
  3. Walk to the end of the sheltered walkway to find a traffic junction. You should be able to see “The Rochester Mall” on your RIGHT.
    photo-3-10-16-13-40-26  photo-3-10-16-13-40-46
  4. Cross the Vista Exchange Green road, towards an open park area.
    photo-3-10-16-13-41-40  photo-3-10-16-13-42-04  photo-3-10-16-13-48-05
  5. Cross the open area through the walkway to find ponds and cafe / bars. Take the lift to Level 3.
    photo-3-10-16-13-48-33  photo-3-10-16-13-48-48    photo-3-10-16-13-48-55
  6. My Drum School (Buona Vista) is located #03-19. Our school is located at the corner unit next to the Concierge Counter.
    photo-3-10-16-13-50-27  MDS @ Buona Vista