School Location

Location Map
  1. The route to take for drivers would be North Buona Vista Road, turn towards Vista Exchange Green > Rochester Drive.
  2. After you turn towards Vista Exchange Green, you should see the Star Vista on the right side of the street.
    photo-3-10-16-13-41-14   photo-3-10-16-13-41-20   photo-3-10-16-13-42-21
  3. Go straight, and turn left on the first traffic junction you see, towards Rochester Drive.
    photo-3-10-16-13-43-25   photo-3-10-16-13-43-59
  4. You should be able to see the “Rochester Mall” name on the overhead building. Go straight, and look for a Carpark opening on the left side.
    photo-3-10-16-13-44-26  photo-3-10-16-13-44-51  photo-3-10-16-13-45-46   photo-3-10-16-13-46-10
  5. The Carpark leads to Level 4 and 5. After you have parked, take the central lift to Level 3. My Drum School (Buona Vista) is located at #03-19.