The rapid spread of COVID-19 has affected many businesses. This global outbreak presents a far greater challenge to companies in the service industry.

My Drum School implemented 3 action plans immediately:

1. Plan

When the news hit, the Management held an emergency meeting, made some quick decisions, and planned out necessary purchases, rescheduled company events, postponed recitals, split group classes, and minimized large staff meetings. We have over 40+ employees and drum educators, and the risk of having 1 infected would mean the whole school quarantined for 14-days. We took no chances.

2. Prepare

We drew up cleaning schedules, provided each studio with a basket of products to disinfect, put up signs, wrote to parents, produced a preventive measure video, taught our staff to monitor temperatures, and declared our travel plans. Every 3-hours, we will wipe-down the school. Educators clock in and out their daily temperatures. Every student’s temperature is recorded in their Student App for each lesson. Parents cooperated by waiting outside the school during pick-ups.

3. Respond

We also mobilized the Customer Relations Team to track our students’ that were sent back (above 38 degrees) and to call? parents who were fearful of coming for lessons. We are constantly in close communication with our students via the MDS Room (Student App) with latest updates. We also constantly post our news on our Telegram Channel.


As a result of our hard work together, we managed to enroll 89 NEW regular weekly students since the start of 2020. We also attracted more than 50 job applicants to work with us recently. We have crossed our 800-weekly students milestone and the school still grew by 4.25% in 2 months.

We can dispel the public fear with necessary measures in place and we will become stronger from times like these when we stand together!

~ James Pang Founder & Managing Director