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Build your own home drum kit

How To Make A Home Drum Kit Using Books And Paper
Here’s an instructional video for new students or for drummers who are not ready to commit to buy a drum set. It’ll teach you how to make a make-shift drum kit using a practice pad, books and a stack of paper in under 5 minutes.
Materials You Need:

– Drumsticks

– A Practice Pad

– Books (at least 6-8)

– A stack of A4 Paper (with plastic)

– 2 side tables or stools (to place books and pad)

– Side of the bed

– Chair or stool


No Premises From 7th April

Online Lessons still available from 7th April 2020

My Drum School has been planning for a “lockdown” situation for some time. On 3rd April 2020, 4pm, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced that non-essential businesses need to close their premises with effect from 7th April 2020 (Tuesday) to 4th May 2020. Minister Chan Chun Sing also added, all businesses that can be operated from home, without commuting, will be allowed to continue fully. Therefore, we will still be able to provide Online Lessons from our homes.

By 6th April, all our Full-Time and Part-Time Educators’ residences will be equipped with drum equipment, practice pads, and essential teaching materials; they will continue conducting drums lessons online, from their own homes during working hours. In the past 1 week, we have conducted over 600 online lessons and they have been very successful.

Hence, MDS online lessons will continue as per usual. Our curriculum team is working hard to produce new drum education content every week; we already have a stockpile of syllabus for the months ahead!  We will be introducing additional video content and audio files to complement these online lessons.

In an event we are not able to conduct lessons for any reasons, your outstanding make ups will be kept on record in your individual MDS Room accounts as well.

As a music education company, we have been hit badly with what is happening. It is a challenging season for all of us, and your continuation of lessons are important to us at a time like this. We continue to pay rental expenses for our 4 premises, utilities, Educator’s salaries and Headquarter staff salaries. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you for supporting the MDS Online Lessons initiative during this period.

Let’s endure these 4 weeks and support our Nation’s efforts.

We’ll see you at MDS Room.

Update to Response on 24 March

Dear Students and Parents,

The Singapore Government has released new measures on 24th March 2020 to safeguard the well-being of Singapore, including suspending all enrichment classes by 26th (Thursday) March 2020, 23:59 hours.

This has, unfortunately, affected My Drum School operations at our four centres.

Hence, from 27th March to 30th April, as per the MOH advisory, My Drum School will suspend all physical classes but will continue to deliver quality drum education to our students via Online Lessons. Our Curriculum Team of 7 full-time staff have crafted an online syllabus package during this temporary arrangement.

Being at the forefront of technology since our founding, you will expect only the best from us. There will be two tracks available: students with drum kits at home and students without.

With the platforms of MDS Room (Student App) and Zoom (leader in modern enterprise video communications), we are very confident to be your reliable choice of drum education.

It is now imperative that you download the MDS Room App. Firstly, login details to Zoom are found in your student account (via MDS Room App). Secondly, your weekly homework and lesson progress entries will be recorded in the MDS Room app, and lastly, the downloadable online materials are all presented in the MDS Room app itself.

A step by step guide on how to download the MDS Room App can be found at https://mydrumschool.com/app/

If you need technical support to set up the Zoom or MDS Room App, please do not hesitate to call our support hotline at 8799 9779 (during weekdays) before your online lesson commences. Our educators will also be sending you links to guide you with the setup process.

MDS has, from the very beginning, taken this situation seriously and enforced precautionary measures; We have not had any reported cases of person(s) within the school premises infected with covid-19 thus far.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all our students for their confidence in the MDS brand all these years, and for the staff, who have been working tirelessly to make sure the school premises are clean, and that students are well and safe. Let’s cooperate with each other and stay a united drumming family as we battle this virus together, not only as a school, but as nation as well. In these difficult times, we will be stronger together!


Sincere wishes,
James Pang


The rapid spread of COVID-19 has affected many businesses. This global outbreak presents a far greater challenge to companies in the service industry.

My Drum School implemented 3 action plans immediately:

1. Plan

When the news hit, the Management held an emergency meeting, made some quick decisions, and planned out necessary purchases, rescheduled company events, postponed recitals, split group classes, and minimized large staff meetings. We have over 40+ employees and drum educators, and the risk of having 1 infected would mean the whole school quarantined for 14-days. We took no chances.

2. Prepare

We drew up cleaning schedules, provided each studio with a basket of products to disinfect, put up signs, wrote to parents, produced a preventive measure video, taught our staff to monitor temperatures, and declared our travel plans. Every 3-hours, we will wipe-down the school. Educators clock in and out their daily temperatures. Every student’s temperature is recorded in their Student App for each lesson. Parents cooperated by waiting outside the school during pick-ups.

3. Respond

We also mobilized the Customer Relations Team to track our students’ that were sent back (above 38 degrees) and to call? parents who were fearful of coming for lessons. We are constantly in close communication with our students via the MDS Room (Student App) with latest updates. We also constantly post our news on our Telegram Channel.


As a result of our hard work together, we managed to enroll 89 NEW regular weekly students since the start of 2020. We also attracted more than 50 job applicants to work with us recently. We have crossed our 800-weekly students milestone and the school still grew by 4.25% in 2 months.

We can dispel the public fear with necessary measures in place and we will become stronger from times like these when we stand together!

~ James Pang Founder & Managing Director

Chinese New Year 2020

We started the idea of having a Vision meeting last year in 2019 because we felt that it’s important to align the company’s goals at the start of the year. This year, we held it at Mouth Kitchen in town and did a company Lo-Hei together.

We celebrated the 47 employees we have at My Drum School along with hitting 800-weekly drum students. This year will be a year where we sharpen our character and our processes.

MDS iClub

The MDS iClub is an internal network of MDS students to provide them with greater exposure to grow and expand their potential personal and professional growth. Today marks the first meeting of 2020 and it’s a great historic moment for MDS.

More photos on our Instagram here:


DE Orientation Dec 19

New hires will attend an Orientation within their first 6 months of employment to understand what MDS is all about and be equipped with information to help them with handling customers and lessons delivery.

We just hired our 87th educator in this past decade. . . .


Gladiolus Place

My Drum School partnered with Gladiolus Place, a non-profit Christian healing home, to provide four 2-hr sessions of drumming to 12 teenage girls. Drum Educator Sydni volunteered and conducted lessons at their location.

Through these 8 hours, we wanted to provide an opportunity for the girls to learn drums. Part of the home’s mission is instill positive learning attitude in the girls through learning an instrument (perseverance, discipline). And for those who are more musically inclined to discover their talents and be able to perform in the future.

Sydni’s personal thoughts: “The students I’ve been teaching are of higher SES who are able to afford drum lessons but there are also others who are not so fortunate to attend private music lessons. I’ve also seen the benefits of learning a musical instrument through a child’s developing years. So it got me thinking if there is anything we can do for the less fortunate and when my friend approached me to teach drums at GP, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to volunteer my time. And I am also thankful to MDS for the resources they provided.”

Trevor’s Talk at school

Trevor Koh, Customer Relations Manager, spoke at this Secondary School (Bedok Sec) to about 800 students today. He shared about his music journey, struggles, life after secondary school and provided tips for students who wants to take up music as a career in future. He also gave insights for Secondary 1 students to consider taking music as a GCE O level subject.

We are very proud of Trevor’s accomplishments at My Drum School.

Trevor was the first MDS Student to start as a Beginner 1 student (back in 2011), and to graduate with his Drum Diploma at My Drum School in 2017. Upon taking lessons for a year, he began working as a Part-Time Educator. He joined another year later as a Full-Time Educator in 2013. Today, he is a Manager who runs a department in My Drum School while teaching his 50 students weekly.

Congrats Trevor!