Arthur Kam Drum Clinic

Arthur Kam Drum Clinic at My Drum School 18/08/2019

“To understand a particular genre well, you have to go that deep; you have to take the extra mile and understand their culture. It’s more than just transcribing and switching on the metronome.”

The Sunday night of 18th August 2019 was nothing short of inspiring. It was a privilege for us to have Arthur’s presence in GAME @ MDS, and to be awed not just by his sweet tone and tasty lick on the drums, but also by the depth of his musical insight and wisdom.

In this 80-min masterclass, our Drum Educators were treated to Arthur’s drum performance over various groovy tracks, such as those from Kaz Rodriguez, Kevin Powell, and Dave Weckl. He also shared with us some deep insight into how he acquired his sound and understanding of music; how he went deep into the study of African-American history and culture during his time in Berklee, and even to the extent of playing drums in traditional black churches, simply to gain more understanding and appreciation of music styles such as RnB, Gospel, and Hip Hop.

Here’s a video we did for a session with our Educators:

Written By James Gunawan (Quality Assurance Manager)

About Arthur: Arthur Kam was a Malaysian child prodigy hitting big stages with various artists locally and internationally from the age of 7. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Productions. Performed for the Berklee Singer Showcase, Gospel Night and The Harry Belafonte Tribute. He does many of the Berklee Recitals, plays for a General Business (GB) Band as well as recordings for the Contemporary Writing & Production department and Music Production & Engineering (MP&E) Projects involving students and faculties.


About GAME: The GAME (Guest Artist Masterclass – Exclusive) at MDS are free private masterclass sessions available only to the employees at My Drum School. These in-house events brings local and international drum artists to MDS for our drum educators to keep growing and learning. We believe that we should always feed our minds, so as to give more to our students.