MDS Philosophy

Skill cannot be harnessed by hard work alone.

At MDS, we believe that passion is the fundamental building block to every student’s success. Through passion comes curiosity, and it is this very curiosity that would spur the student to continuously work, and learn, more on his or her craft. It is our responsibility, as educators, to fuel that curiosity in every student; constantly nurturing, guiding and motivating every student to eventually reach their individual music objectives.

Our classroom efforts and breakthrough Curriculum are focused solely on the needs of each individual student, giving them our undivided attention. If a student is struggling, then the onus is on us to figure how we can guide the students overcome their difficulties, not theirs. This, is the MDS Philosophy.

These high standards are the result of the learning opportunities offered here. More than a music school, MDS has become the nation’s choice for drum education of today with more than 4,100 students enrolled in our 4 centres across Singapore.

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