Our Logo


Off Black – RGB 33, 33, 40 (#212128)

The Black represents the first pillar at our school: Education

Black is a color of authority, power and control, sophistication, luxury, confidence, and strength. The success of the company is built on the commitment of it’s employees. Through the past decade, MDS has been committed to bring first-class drum education in Singapore and beyond.

Orange – RGB 249, 182, 54 (#f9b636)

The Orange represents the second pillar at our school: Inspiration

Orange is a color of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. Symbolic of endurance and strength, orange is the color of fire and flame. it represents the red of passion tempered by the yellow of wisdom. At MDS, our lessons are filled with a combination of energy and fun. We seek to inspire our students through our professional teaching and state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

This logo is registered with trademark number 40202103791S in Class 15 and 41 of the Trade Marks Act 1998.


A bold, heavy type style reflects the urban aspect of the brand, displayed in a primary stacked layout and a secondary in-line layout for flexibility in placement.

The line weight of the type and the symbol display a cohesive visual balance, and characters in the brand name contain a variety of curve edges to present a feeling of fun and friendliness, and to complement the boldness of the symbol.



We feel inspired and motivated when we see a drummer spinning his sticks, and that’s the key message in our symbol. The school’s symbol is based upon the rotational trace of that captivating movement

The design has been crafted to hint at the spin of a drumstick, incorporating a full circle to represent the complete MDS approach to drum education. It’s clean, relevant and simple.

The spinning curves, though, isn’t just curves. The four notches within the trace lines of the symbol are positioned at 2 o’clock, 5, 6, and 9 as these numbers hold personal significance for the company’s history. This is because MDS launched it’s first location at block 25 Jalan Berseh, employing 6 part-timers in the year ’09. This reminds us to always be humble and be true to our roots.

This logo is registered with trademark number 40202103790P in Class 15 and 41 of the Trade Marks Act 1998.