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Our Logo has been specially designed to align with the two pillars that MDS is built upon: to inspire and to educate. We have registered our logo under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and are given the rights to hold this mark. Our trademark number is :T0906840J and Co. Reg. is :201430458C.


On the right is a drummer distinctly playing on the drums. As he is playing, his left hand is spinning his drumstick. When we see a drummer spinning his sticks, we do feel inspired and captivated, desiring to be in his position. This drummer image represents the kind of inspiration that our school seeks to bring to our students. We believe that the heartbeat of drumming comes from first being inspired.


Although the drummer is spinning one of the drumsticks in his left hand, he is still playing and continuing the groove and drum beat with his right hand. The two “O”s in the word “school” represent two kick drums in which the drummer is using for some double-bass drumming patterns.

This represents the advanced level of education that we offer through our comprehensive programmes. At MDS, we seek to educate our drummers with a distinctive contemporary drum education; going beyond textbook knowledge.