18 and below to shift online

Latest Update by MOE on 18th May 2021:

– 18 and below, required to shift to online
– 19 and above have an option to choose Online or On-Site

Dear Students and Parents,

Following the latest MOE updates on 18th May 2021, all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes are advised to move those 18 and below to online lessons till the end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) to reduce the intermingling of students.

For those 19 and above, you can have an option of having online lessons or remain on-site for physical lessons.
Please give our educators some time to arrange with you.

As mentioned in our previous letter on May 14, we had a positive experience last year having conducted more than 10,000 online sessions on Zoom. Students can choose to continue their MDS level-syllabus or navigate through our Online Syllabus Package. All materials and handouts will be available through our free MDS Room (Mobile App). We will also release the MDS E-Textbooks for easy accessibility. You will need a pair of drumsticks and a Zoom Account.

To provide further convenience, MDS will be offering free delivery for any purchase of our MDS 8” Practice Pad. Instructional videos are available to help you set up Zoom, make your own DIY home drum kit, or setup the best audio for your electronic drumkits.

This is only a temporary arrangement, and we appreciate your kind understanding and support in our business.

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