Shot Tales

The founder of My Drum School, James Pang, uses today’s DSLR technology to capture the students’ showcases. With completely no prior experience in digital photography, James went against all odds to master the skills for his business.

James Pang appeared in The Straits Times and other magazines for his innovation in using technology in his business.

Here is the article extract:
Shot Tales (Extract from The Straits Times, Wed, Sep 9th 2009)

James Pang, the founder of My Drum School said: “I wanted a DSLR to help me learn serious photography, while allowing me to shoot HD video clips of my students playing drums. Some friends, who are professional photographers, recommended the Canon EOS 500D.”

The photos are shared on Facebook, while the videos are loaded on Youtube.

Having spent around $1,500 on his DSLR, including accessories like a tripod and an additional battery, James is happy with the sound investment.

His students too, enjoy watching videos of their performances, often spotting their own mistakes to be corrected at the next lesson.

“Some moments are priceless and, if you could capture those moments, it would be worth all the investment,” says James.